What is Tiger Eye Crystal? Meaning, Healing Properties and More?

by arham saraswala on Aug 15, 2023

What is Tiger Eye Crystal? Meaning, Healing Properties and More?

What is Tiger Eye Crystal

Tiger Eye Crystal is a popular and recognised Crystal for its unique appearance and metaphysical properties.

Tiger Eye is a member of the Chalcedony mineral class family.

It is a type of chatoyant gemstone that displays captivates and shows a band of light which resembles the eye of a tiger or cat. This effect is caused by the reflection and scattering of light from parallel mineral fibres within stones.

It is a metamorphic mineral quartz composed of silicon, oxygen and some trace amounts of iron oxide, which gives it a golden or red-brown colour.

Tiger Eye symbolizes Self-Confidence, Inner-Strenght, and Courage. Also, it was said to bring good luck in ancient times.

Origin of Tiger Eye Crystal

The biggest source of finding Tiger Eye Crystal in the world is South Africa Northern Cape province. It is the region around the town of Griquatown.

Other key locations where Tiger Eye Stone is found are Australia, India, Brazil and the United States.

tiger eye mining

In these particular locations, Tiger Eye is found in more than 1 colour like yellow, red etc.

It was discovered around the 1800s in South Africa

History of Tiger Eye Crystal

Tiger Eye was considered by ancient Egyptians for its mystical properties and protective properties. They believed that wearing a Tiger Eye Crystal provides protection and brings good luck. They use to create amulets, talismans and Jewelry with this stone.

It was also used by Ancient Roman and Greek Civilizations as they also believed that Tiger Eye have protective qualities and it guards against negative energies and curses.

In China, Tiger Eye is associated with Tiger which symbolises courage and strength and also it was believed to overcome fears.

In today's world also Tiger Eye is a popular stone due to its metaphysical properties and 

unique appearance. Used in Jewelry and Fashion industry, Home Decor items.

Tiger Eye Crystal Meaning

Tiger Eye is a stone which is associated with courage, protection and luck. It also helps bring clarity and block negative energies. Tiger Eye also has protective properties.

This stone serves as a reminder to be courageous and brave when facing difficulties.

It connects you with inner wisdom, encourages your self-confidence and allows you to overcome your fear and hesitation.

Tiger Eye Crystal Benefits and Healing Properties

Connection with Root and Sacral Chakra Tiger Eye Crystal comes with various properties and benefits which help physical and emotional health good.

Also when you feel low or flop then you must go with Tiger Eye Crystal as it gives you self-confidence and encourages you to go and take what you want.

Physical Healing Properties of Tiger Eye Crystal

Tiger Eye Crystal has amazing properties in strengthening the blood and balancing the endocrine system. This means it plays a crucial role in regulating hormones, a more stable mood and emotional health, maintaining a healthy metabolism, increasing energy levels, giving good sleep quality and many more benefits.

It also influences your skin health and removes conditions such as acne and skin ageing.

Emotional Healing Properties of Tiger Eye Crystal

Tiger Eye Crystal is often associated with several Emotional Healing Properties. While these are not scientifically proven but many practitioners tried it.

Tiger Eye Crystal Stone is believed to help balance emotions, keep you calm, and reduce emotional extremes.

This stone is also said to increase self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. It also helps individuals to overcome self-doubts and insecurities.

As Tiger Eye Crystal is also associated with Courage, Wisdom and inner strength so it helps you to face difficulties and face challenges and fears. Also, it enhances the feeling of empowerment and control.

Tiger Eye Crystal also helps you to alleviate your fears, anxiety and creates a positive surrounding near you which gives you a positive attitude and keeps you away from negative energies.

It also helps you release emotional blockages and promotes emotional healing. As it is believed that Tiger Eye helps better understand and process emotions so it also enhances mental clarity and focus.

It also helps you make confident decisions.

Spiritual Healing Properties of Tiger Eye Crystal

For those who are looking to get help with their lower chakras, Tiger Eye Crystal is the perfect companion for them as it has various Spiritual Properties which help you.

Just remember that if you choose to work on your spirituality with Tiger Eye Stone then do it with an open heart and mind.

Tiger Eye Crystal is believed to offer an energetic shield against negative energies also its grounding energies keep you connected to the earth and lets you explore other realms.

Tiger Eye is also sometimes associated with Third Eye Chakra which relates to intuitions, insights and spiritual awareness. It also enhances intuitions and psychic abilities.

Tiger Eye is used to believe to deepen your meditation and visualization practices and it encourages focused concentration. It is used to amplify intentions and assist in bringing reality into the spiritual world.

Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra and Sacral Chakra all work with this Stone. These Chakras are associated with safety and strength and it makes people feel grounded and connected to the earth

Tiger Eye Crystal Zodiac Sign

Tiger Eye is associated with Leo and Gemini, though it can be worn by anyone who wants to benefit from its metaphysical properties.

But Tiger Eye is believed to be Leo’s Zodiac Sign as its characteristics and energies resemble Leo. And as Leo is ruled by Sun and its qualities are confidence, leadership, courage and creativity.

How to use Tiger Eye Crystal

There are many ways to use the metaphysical properties of Tiger Eye Stone. You can wear it or keep it near your office desk or you can place it in your home or near your bed.

You can create Tiger Eye Jewellery or Home Decor items like Tiger Eye Crystal Pyramid, Tiger Eye Orgonite Pyramid, Tiger Eye Crystal Wand etc.


One of the best ways to take benefit of this stone is by wearing it and keeping it near your body. This will help you take benefit of its healing and physical properties.

You can create a Tiger Eye Ring, Tiger Eye Pendant, Tiger Eye Earrings, and Tiger Eye Bracelets.

But the most effective one is by creating a Ring or Bracelet as it will be connected to your naval and root chakra where it will work at its full potential.

Home or Office

As we said you can also create a decorative item of a Tiger Eye Crystal which you can keep in your home near your bed, or dining hall. Or you can just keep it near your office desk.

As this stone is completely known for its cleansing and protective capabilities. Also, it provides a good nature and blocks away negative energies which provides a good environment to work.

You can get a Tiger Eye Crystal Pyramid or Tiger Eye Crystal Wand or Tiger Eye Orgone Pyramid whichever suits you better.

How to Clean Tiger Eye Crystal

As Tiger Eye has amazing and exceptional metaphysical properties so it is necessary to keep it clean and charged to get the benefit of its properties.

One of the easiest ways to clean Tiger Eye Crystal is simply to dip it in water and remove it after some time.

Another way is to bury it in a safe place near a tree. As this stone is connected with Earth it will charge up itself to its full potential.

You can also keep it under the moon overnight as it will also help it charge and you can also keep it under sunlight but remember to not give it too much sunlight as it will cause it to fade its colour.

What is Tiger Eye Orgonite

Tiger Eye Orgonite is known as Combining the properties of Tiger Eye Crystal and Orgonite to enhance its physical properties

Tiger Eye Orgonite combine these two elements by merging Tiger Eye Crystal and Orgonite’s metaphysical properties.

Where Tiger Eye is believed to offer protection, courage, grounding and other beneficial energies. Orgonite is believed to have positive effects on energy and enhance it.

Tiger Eye Orgonite Benefits

Tiger Eye Crystal has metaphysical properties like Protection, Courage, Wisdom, Emotional Balance, Grounding, Sacral Chakra, Root Chakra, balancing Endocrine system, Confidence, self-esteem and many more.

So the mixture of Tiger Eye with Orgone enhances its properties and also gives additional properties.

Helping balance emotions. Soothing it and stabilizing emotions. Also, it helps boost confidence and self-esteem. It also helps you overcome self-doubt and insecurities.

Orgonite is also believed to absorb negative energy and transform it into positive. It also gives you EMF Protection or protection from Electromagnetic Fields from electromagnetic devices.

It is also used to enhance the spiritual experience and meditation experience.

How to use Tiger Eye Orgonite


If you want to use Tiger Eye Orgonite at its full potential then we recommend that you can make Jewellery of Tiger Eye Orgonite like Rings, Earrings, Bracelet etc.

We recommend you get Tiger Eye Pendant, Tiger Eye Bracelet or Tiger Eye Ring as it will be near your nerves and will perform at full potential.

Home and Office

If you want to make your surrounding positive and want that everyone near you get the benefit of Tiger Eye Orgonite then you can get Tiger Eye Orgonite Pyramid or Tiger Eye Orgonite Wand.

It will also make your Home or Office interior look more beautiful and will provide the benefit of its properties to everyone around you.

Further, you can also use it for Meditation, Getting good sleep etc.

Tiger Eye Crystal FAQs

Tiger Eye Crystal Meaning?

Tiger Eye Crystal is a semi-precious, unique stone with a reflective glowing appearance. It is metamorphic mineral quartz created with silicon, oxygen and trace amounts of iron oxide.

Tiger Eye Crystal Benefits?

Tiger Eye Crystal Benefits are as follows:
Promoting Mental Clarity and Focus, Helping individuals stay focused, increasing self-confidence, promoting inner strength, helping them face challenges, etc.

What Does Tiger's Eye Crystal Do?

Tiger Eye Crystal benefits you with its metaphysical properties like Promoting Mental Clarity and Focus, Helping individuals stay focused, increasing self-confidence, promoting inner strength, helping them face challenges, etc

Who Should Wear Tiger Eye Stone?

Anyone who wants to take benefit of this stone can wear this. Especially Leo, Gemini as this stone is associated with their zodiac sign

Is Tiger Eye Crystal Expensive?

Tiger Eye Crystal is affordable as its price per carat is $0.10 to $3.00

How to clean Tiger Eye Crystal?

You can clean your Tiger Eye Crystal using some methods which will recharge it also and a Clean Crystal performs at its full potential.
Method 1 - Sink it in water for some time and then dry it.

Method 2 - Keep it in the moonlight overnight also you can keep it in sunlight but do not give so much exposure to sunlight or else it will fade its colour

Method 3 - As Tiger Eye Crystal is associated with Earth so you can dig it in Earth near a tree which will eventually charge it too.

How to tell if Tiger Eye is real?

According to its name Tiger Eye has a cat eye effect when you hold it up to the light.

Also, real Tiger Eye Crystal has a glossy glass-like lustre and silver hue when hold in the light. It is harder than the glass.

What is Tiger Eye made of?

Tiger Eye is a member of the chalcedony mineral and is a variety of quartz and it is formed by altering crocidolite. It is a metamorphic mineral quartz composed of silicon, oxygen and some trace amounts of iron oxide.

How to activate Tiger Eye?

One of the best ways to activate the Tiger Eye Stone is by wearing it. It is believed to have direct contact with the body so it can give you more benefit.

Where to Buy Tiger Eye Crystal Stone?

If you are looking to buy Tiger Eye Crystal then you should go with a trusted and verified gemstone or crystal seller.