What is Lapis Lazuli Crystal? Meaning and Healing Properties

by arham saraswala on Aug 11, 2023

What is Lapis Lazuli Crystal? Meaning and Healing Properties

What is Lapis Lazuli Crystal?

Lapis Lazuli Crystal is a highly valuable crystal which has been mined for thousands of years. Lapis Lazuli is also known as Lapis in short, it is a deep blue metamorphic rock used as a semi-precious stone which is been prized for its intense colour.

Lapis-Lazuli Crystal was mined in Sar-I-Sang mines in the Badakhshan province of modern northeast Afghanistan. Lapis Lazuliartifacts dated to 7570 BC found at Bhirana which is the oldest site of the Indus Valley Civilisation.

The history and the cultural significance of Lapis Lazuli encompasses various civilisations.

Ancient Egypt - Lapiz Lazuli Crystal held great importance in ancient Egypt, symbolizing royalty, power, and spirituality. Ancient Egyptians believed that Lapis Lazuli had protective and healing properties and for this, they used it in burial masks and other funerary items. 

It was also used in Jewelry, Amulets and Cosmetics.

Ancient Mesopotamia and Sumer - In Ancient Mesopotamia Lapis Lazuli was prized for its vibrant blue color.

Sumerians used Lapis Lazuli in Jewelry, Amulets, and decorative objects. It held a spiritual significance and also it was associated with their goddess of love and war, Irana.

Indus Valley Civilization - Lapis Lazuli was traded and reached Indus Valley Civilization, It was believed that it was traded from Afghanistan to the Indus Valley which indicates a large trade network of that time.

It was used in Beads, Seals, and other artefacts.

Ancient Persia - Lapis Lazuli was highly valued by Persians, as they believed that it brings protection and good fortune.

It was used in Jewelry, Mosaic, and even ground into powder to create dark blue pigment for manuscripts and paintings.

Medieval Europe - During Middle Ages, the Lapis Lazuli rarity and vivid blue colour make it a status symbol.

Artists used expensive ultramarine pigments made from Lapis Lazul Stone to create blue hues.

The cost of this pigment was rivalled with gold at that time.

East and Central Asia - Lapis Lazuli significance also extended to Eastern culture like in China it was considered a symbol of truth and wisdom.

Whereas in Tibet, it was used for spiritual and healing practices, such as forming prayer beads and making amulets.

Modern Use - Today Lapis Lazuli Crystal is considered as treasure for its beauty and metaphysical properties.

It is also popular for jewellery, Sculptures, and decorative items.

People also believe that it enhances self-expression, communication and inner peace.

Metaphysical Properties of Lapis Lazuli Crystal

Lapis Lazuli Crystal is believed to own a range of metaphysical properties influencing the mind, emotions, and spirit.

Some common Metaphysical Properties of Lapis Lazuli Crystals are:

Understanding and Knowledge: Lapis Lazuli is associated with increasing intellectual abilities, promoting learning and encouraging knowledge.

Believed to restore the mind and encourage a deeper understanding of complex ideas.

Communication and Expression: Used to ease your communication skills both in expressing and understanding.

Third-Eye Chakra: This crystal is believed to open Third-Eye Chakra which is associated with insights, intuition and spiritual awareness.

It is also thought to increase physical abilities, intuitive perception and inner vision.

Promotes Inner Peace: It is said to promote emotional healing, inner peace, and a sense of calm.

Also, it is said that it helps you to release emotional blockages and soothe anxieties.

Remove Negative Energy: Lapis Lazuli is thought to provide protection against negative energy and physical attack and remove it.

Energy: Belief to create energetic protection and give a sense of security.

Balancing Energy: Lapis lazuli helps you to balance the energy of your body, mind, and spirit.

It assists in aligning the chakras of various aspects of one’s being.

Creativity: Some practitioners say that Lapis Lazuli Crystal gives you creativity and encourages artistic expression.

It gives you new ideas to inspire and overcome creativity blocks.

Emotional Heal: This crystal is associated with Emotional Healing and is believed to release deep emotions.

It also may support \the process of acknowledging and working through emotional wounds.

Also in ancient times, Sumerians believed that the spirit of their gods lived within the stone whereas Ancient Egyptians saw it as a symbol of the night sky.

Since ancient times Lapis Lazuli was associated with Strenght, Courage, Wisdom, Royalty, Intellect, and Truth.

Also, the colour of this Stone hints that it is definitely connected with Spirit Realms. 

And as said it is connected with Third-Eye Chakra which is said to be the sixth chakra in the body. Also known as Ajna.

The Sixth Chakra of the body or the Third-Eye Chakra is believed to be related to Enhance Intuition and Physical Abilities, Increased Creativity, Focus, Clarity and Concentration, Deep spiritual connection, Reduced Anxiety and Stress, Self-Awareness

It is also believed to block some emotional symptoms like Blockage of Lack of Clarity and Focus, Blockage of Anxiety and Depression, Disconnection from Intuition, Lack of Creativity and Imagination.

Zodiac Signs for Lapis Lazuli Crystal?

Lapis Lazuli Crystal is often associated with the zodiac signs of Sagitarrius and Taurus.

Sagittarius - 

Lapis Lazuli is considered a birthstone for Sagitarrius. As the Sagitarrius individuals are known for their adventurous and curious nature and Lapis Lazuli Stone metaphysical properties of increasing wisdom, knowledge, and self-expression places well with these traits. 

Lapis Lazuli Crystal can assist Sagittarius in seeking higher truths and expanding their understanding of the world.

Taurus - 

Lapis Lazuli Stone is also associated with Taurus due to their character of practicality, determination and appreciation of beauty.

It is also said in astronomy that it can be worn by any person who is looking to overcome stress or wants to reveal their true nature as this stone helps you realize your true nature.

And anyone can take benefit of this crystal's energy and metaphysical properties regardless of their astrological sign.

Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli Crystal or Lapis Lazuli Benefits

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Stone holds healing properties like revealing deep inner truths, inviting you to the magic of your own mighty will.

Physical Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Crystal is believed to have pain-relieving properties and is often used to reduce migraines, headaches, thyroid, sore throat, vocal cords issues and other physical discomforts.

It is believed to have a calm effect on the throat and respiratory system.

Practitioners also believe that Lapi Lazuli supports the immune system and promote overall physical health.

Emotional Healing Properties

Lapis Lazuli is also thought to help reduce stress and anxiety and promote a sense of calm and emotional balance. It is believed to uplift honest and clear communication and helps individual express their feelings and thought more effectively.

Spiritual Healing Properties.

As Lapis Lazuli is associated with Third-Eye Chakra, which promotes spiritual insight, intuition and psychic abilities and this is also known as Lapis Lazuli Spiritual Meaning. It is also believed to enhance your own connection with your inner wisdom and higher consciousness. Which supports personal growth and spiritual development.

It is also thought to create a protective shield against negative energies and clear energetic blockages.

Mental Healing Properties.

Lapis Lazuli Properties are also believed to promote mental clarity, help to organize thoughts, make decisions and solve problems.

It is thought to enhance intellectual abilities, memory, and learning and make it a helpful stone for students and those seeking knowledge.

Uses of Lapis Lazuli Crystal

Are you looking to bring truth, wisdom and spirituality to your life?

Then you can use Lapis Lazuli Crystal. It can be worn as Jewelry to light up your daily life or you can use it as a home or office decor.


Everyone wants to have Jewellery which looks absolutely beautiful and complements your look and also benefits you with some of its healing properties.

Then Lapis Lazuli Crystal Jewelry is perfect to get carved as Jewelry to wear and flaunt your new look. This stone is a showstopper in itself because of its dark deep blue colour and complemented with gold colour which helps to mirror the flecks of pyrite between shades of deep blue colour.

Queens like Cleopatra, priests, and pharaohs like King Tutankhamun also wore this beautiful stone jewellery not only for its beauty but for its healing properties also.

Also when you wear this stone it is believed that it will use its healing properties directly where it is used to target like body, mind and soul.

You can use Lapis Lazuli in Jewellery like Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets and Pendants.

Also, you can use it as beads to create beautiful handmade Jewelry pieces. Also, you can create prayer beads with this which are used in meditation and prayers.

Home and Office

Letting Lapis Lazuli in your Home or in your Office will make your atmosphere better. It will protect you from negative energies. Also in Ancient times, it was believed to block psychic attacks.

It also helps you to calm your mind and provides you with the ability of problem-solving.

You can use this as Vases, Tabletops, Decorative Boxes, Paintings and Artwork or you can add it to your interior also.

Also, you can use this as a meditation tool or for spiritual practices. And this is a great gifting idea option too.

Also, you can keep it near your study table or your children's study table as this stone relates to intellect, wisdom and knowledge.

Cleansing of Lapi Lazuli Crystal

If you want to keep your Lapi Lazuli Crystal ready and use its healing properties, then you must keep it clean so that it will remain charged and provides you with its healing properties.

Normal Water -

Rinse your Lapis Lazuli Crystal in lukewarm running water for some time then gently rub with your fingers or any soft cloth to remove dirt or dirt particles.

You can also use tap water or natural spring water.

Saltwater -

Create Saltwater using normal water and a pinch of salt. Pour it for around 24 hours. Then remove it from the saltwater and rinse again with normal water and then dry it with a soft cloth.

Tumbled Stones or Selenite -

If you are looking to charge up your stone then you can also keep it near some tumbled stones from which Lapis Lazuli will soak up the energy and will refuel it.

Or also you can place it near a Selenite crystal or any other crystal which will also help it charge, selenite is believed to have cleansing and purifying purities which help clear negative energies from the crystals.

Sunlight or Moonlight -

You can also charge your Lapis Lazuli Crystal with the help of Sunlight or Moonlight.

Just keep it out for a few hours in the day or midnight.

Just keep in mind that you have to take your crystal back in a few hours or direct sunlight will cause the colour of Lapi Lazuli to fade.

What is Lapis Lazuli Orgonite Stone

Lapis Lazuli is a specific type of orgonite which mixes with Lapis Lazuli Crystal with other minerals. 

As Orgonite is a mixture of resin, metal shavings and crystal which is also believed to have some other metaphysical properties and with the mixture of Lapis Lazuli into orgonite has more metaphysical properties.

When Orgonite and Lapis Lazuli is associated with each other it is believed to enhance the metaphysical properties of Lapis Lazuli.

Benefits of Lapis Lazuli Orgonite

Enhanced Communication - 

As Lapis Lazuli has the metaphysical property of communication, self-expression. So its association with Orgonite enhance its properties and is used to support clearer and more open communications.

Intellectual and Mental Abilities - 

As Lapis Lazuli Crystal another ability is to promote mental and intellectual abilities. So Lapis Lazuli Orgonite is used to enhance the Intellectual and Mental Properties of Lapi Lazuli.

Emotional Healing -

As Lapis Lazuli is used to promote emotional healing and balance. So Lapis Lazuli Orgonite also helps in releasing emotional blockages and emotional distress.

Protection -

Both Lapis Lazuli and Orgonite are used to offer protection from negative energies and electromagnetic radiation. So the combination of Lapis Lazuli Orgonite increases this physical property.


What is Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli is a stone which is known for its Deep Blue and Golden colour. It is also known for its metaphysical properties like wisdom, truth, self-expression, purified blood etc. It is also related to Third-Eye Chakra.

Spiritual meaning of Lapis Lazuli?

Since Ancient Times, Lapis Lazuli has been associated with strength, courage, royalty, wisdom, intellect and truth. And it is also believed to block evilness.

Is it okay to wear Lapis Lazuli?

To keep getting the benefits of its metaphysical properties you must keep it near you. You can wear it by engraving it in a jewellery like Ring, Earring, Pendant etc.
Also according to spiritual author, Emma Mildon says that to keep the energy of Crystal with you every day and to take benefit from it you can wear it as jewellery.

Lapis Lazuli Meaning?

Lapis Lazuli Meaning is a highly valuable crystal which has been mined for thousands of years. It has metaphysical properties which ultimately benefit the wearer of it. 

Is Lapis Lazuli Expensive?

No, Lapis Lazuli is not an expensive crystal. It can cost up to 1 USD/ Carat for lower grade materials and can cost up to 100 USD to 150 USD for a superfine grade material.

Who Should Wear Lapis Lazuli?

Anyone who is looking to get benefits from this stone-like self-expression, emotional healing, wisdom, intellect etc

What is Lapis Lazuli good For?

Lapis Lazuli helps you assist to confront and speak your truth and gives you confidence. It also boosts the immune system, purifies blood, and lower blood pressure. It can also help you boost Wisdom, Intellect.

Which Chakra Lapis Lazuli Belongs to?

Lapis Lazuli belongs to Third-Eye Chakra.

Where is Lapis Lazuli Found?

Lapis Lazuli Crystal is found across the world but some popular spots are Afghanistan, The United States, Chile, Italy, Myanmar, and Siberia.

How to charge Lapis Lazuli?

There are some ways from which you can charge your Lapis Lazuli like.

Placing it in moonlight or sunlight.

Keeping it near a tumbled stone.

Does Lapis Lazuli promote love?

Not exactly, but it can help you promote an honest and communication-filled relationship with your partner.

How to identify a fake Lapis Lazuli?

It's simple, the synthetic version of Lapis Lazuli is more opaque than the real one, and it also has a grey or dull overcast.

Also, true Lapis Lazuli will contain iron pyrites that resemble gold dust within it.

What does Lapis Lazuli look like?

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful stone which comes in shades of blue, purple, white and with flecks of gold in it.

The deep blue colour is also associated with indigo and its gold flecks are fragments of pyrite, It is also seen that some white veins are seen on it which is usually a product of sodalite

How to use Lapis Lazuli?

There are many ways to use Lapis Lazuli.

You can wear it by making Jewellery of it which will directly benefit your body with its metaphysical properties.

You can also place it near your office desk or at a place in your home where you usually spend your most time to get the benefit of its properties. You can also use this stone while meditating.

Where to Buy Lapis Lazuli Crystal or Lapis Lazuli Orgonite?

You can buy Lapis Lazuli Crystal or Lapis Lazuli Orgonite from a trusted and reputable gemstone seller or crystal seller. 

Does Lapis Lazuli Fade in sunlight?

Yes, it can fase in sunlight if you have given so much light or exposure to it.

You can also use Sunlight to charge your stone but keep in mind that you do give much exposure to it or else it will fade its colour.


All those who think that they want to have spiritual intuitions, intellect, wisdom, and self-expression can use this Lapis Lazuli Stone to increase their abilities. And from this, you might have understood what is Lapis Lazuli Crystal Meaning and uses.

As Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful Crystal and a gift from god. You can use this there is no harm in wearing a crystal. And having Lapis Lazuli in your life gives you some benefits and Lapis Lazuli Stone benefits are self-expression, intellect etc, 

Let us know what you think of Lapis Lazuli.