cambay agates crystal shop

The Cambay Crystal Shop is a subsidiary company, which is owned by Cambay Agates.

Cambay Agates was established by the sole proprietor Mr. Ajaz Kazi in the year 2015.

We are one of the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of agate products, metaphysical, orgone products and new age natural gemstone products, etc which includes orgone pyramids, orgone sphere balls, orgone dome, orgone pendulums, orgone cone antenna, orgone chakra set, orgone pendant, orgone wands sticks, orgone coaster, orgone angel, orgone bowl, gemstone bracelets, crystal healing wands, tumbled stones, gemstone spheres, crystal bowls, gemstone cabochons, gemstone angels, gemstone pyramids, stone chakra set, stone pendulum, stone yoni egg, crystal energy generator, gemstone crystal beads, loose gemstone, crystal perfume bottles, gemstone water bottles, gemstone puffy hearts, crystal thumb stones, crystal massage stones, crystal palm stone, gemstone tree, agate coasters, agate bowls, agate knobs, agate bookends, agate bottle opener, agate tabletop slab, agate wall art, agate candle holder, key chains, agate clocks, agate wind chimes, moon star gemstone and many more increasing day by day.

We are located at the Gulf of Khambhat, which is also known as the Gulf of Cambay in Gujarat, India. Khambhat is the birthplace of the Agate, Gemstone, and Crystal industry.

We have the United States based communication address as 193, Tenby Chase, DR APT.293U, Deltan, NJ 08075.

We are come up with the successful running local shop business to online to provide the high-quality genuine products with satisfactorily service and at the lowest price. As we are from the origin of agates, we have plenty of experience in the manufacturing of the best quality products.

At Cambay Agates, we export our products in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Dubai, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Afghanistan, South Africa, Brazil, and many other countries with the fastest and safe deliveries.

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Free Shipping

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Easy Return and Refund

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Online Support

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Flexible Safe Payments

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