Amethyst Orgone Coaster

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Product description

This Amethyst Orgone Coaster with the copper coil is an excellent addition to any crystal collection. The amethyst orgonite coaster brings energy into our home and attracts good health, prosperity, and self-confidence. You will notice a difference in the emotional body immediately. Amethyst purifies and balances emotions, physical fitness, and spiritual growth.

This Amethyst Orgonite Coaster is an excellent tool to use in order to balance body, etheric and physical bodies. This coaster can be used to cleanse the aura of negative energies, it can also be used to clear chakras and bodies of toxins and heavy metals.

The coaster of Amethyst Crystal is a high-frequency device that radiates healing energy. This orgone coaster is made of natural amethyst stones, which have excellent healing properties. Wear the amethyst orgonite coaster if you would like to bring peace and serenity into your life, such as just before going to sleep.

Size: 3.75"-4" inches diameter

Thickness: 8mm-10mm