Clear Quartz Orgone Pyramid Copper Coil

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Clear Quartz Orgone Pyramid Copper Coil

Regular price $20.00
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Product description

The Clear Quartz Orgone Pyramid is a powerful spiritual tool that helps to transform universal life force energy into a very powerful positive energy.

It will act as your own personal powerhouse generating the higher life force itself, with the purity and frequency of pure white light energy.

This pyramid is intended as a healing tool, not just as a trendy form of decoration. It is not only an important tool for spiritual growth it can also bring peace of mind and emotional stability through the steady flow of Orgone energy.

The power of these pyramids to absorb negative energy has been established over thousands of years among healers, priests, mystics, and masters.

This clear quartz orgone pyramid benefits:

  1. Clear Mind and Helps with Creativity
  2. Increase Intuitive Awareness
  3. Improves Communication Skills
  4. Increases Psychic and Remote Viewing
  5. Improves Psychic Abilities
  6. Helps with Connections to Spirit Guides and Angels
  7. Psychic Protection
  8. Provides a Consciousness of Joy and Happiness
  9. Clears Negative Energy from your Space
  10. Rejuvenates Energy Fields
  11. Blocks Higher-dimensional Entities
  12. Clears Radiation, Pollution & Radiation Sickness

Size: 70mm X 70mm X55mm